Lunar Photo 13th Feb 2019

Moon 13 Feb 2019

Around first quarter is a favourite phase of the moon, with the sun high enough in the lunar sky to show the rugged Montes Apenninus & Montes Caucasus emerging into the light in the northern half of the disk.

This image was taken on 13 February 2019 at 20:39 UT at the Piers Sellers Observatory with the 0.57m f/4.7 ‘Alan Young’ Newtonian and a ZWO ASI174MM camera at prime focus employing a 520nm filter. It is 500 frames stacked in AutoStakkert software.

In this view the crater Eudoxus proudly sits on sentry duty at the top end of Montes Caucasus.

The large basin of Mare Serenitatis (to the right) shows a distinct ray band, with the little crater Linne sitting there, exposed in the open!

Back on the other side of the range (left hand side), the secondary impactors in Cassini crater are clearly visible.

Between the ranges the central peaked crater Aristillus sits alongside the more massive Archimedes.