U Ori and RR Tau Images

U Ori identified

U Ori known as TYC 1320-526-1 is a variable star of the Mira Cet type and varies between 4.8 to 13 V

In our image the magnitude is calculated at 11.4 V

RR Tau identified

RR Tau known as TYC 1869-335-1 is a Herbig Ae/Be star, varying between 10.2 & 14.3 V

In our image the magnitude is calculated at 12.4 V

Both images taken with the Alan Young. telescope on Friday 10th December 2021.

Captured by our member Ivan Walton.

Contributing to the Citizen Science Project on Variable Stars

Over the last few months, CADSAS has been contributing to this Citizen Science project on variable stars.

We capture images of specific night sky objects, process those images using dark and flat frames and then send them to the project leader Dr Dirk Froebrich of the University of Kent.

The project is studying newly-formed, blue stars. Our target winter objects are currently NGC 2244, NGC2264 and NGC1333. We have submitted 8 images so far.

CADSAS are one of a small number of amateur contributers to this project.