The Electron – A Centenary, Lecture 15th October 8pm

next meeting 15Oct2012-TheElectronACentenary

Please join us in the Lecture Theatre on 15th October at 8pm for a lecture by Humphry Evatt.

His talk  is titled “The Electron, A Centenary”

Here is a taster..

“It is about 100 years since Robert Millikan measured the charge of the electron, e and proved (very controversially at the time) the unique and discrete nature of the electronic charge. His experimental technique was a work of genius and had many important ramifications in a historical and modern context in physics, chemistry, atomic theory and of course electronics. For example, it enabled Avogadro”s Number (used every day by chemists) to be measured for the first time, demonstrated and used the theory of Brownian motion, as theorised by Einstein.

Millikan was a fascinating man. He bicycled from Paris to Berlin to see the lecture when Roentgen demonstrated X rays, for example, and knew Einstein, Michelson and other famous people of the period well.”

Free for members and under 16s.  Others £2 on the door.

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